Lindsay Ell Shares The Stories Behind Six Tracks From Her New EP, “Worth The Wait”

Lindsay Ell Shares The Stories Behind Six Tracks From Her New EP, “Worth The Wait”

Lindsay Ell is taking fans behind the scenes of her newly released debut EP, Worth the Wait, in a video that has her sharing the story behind each of the six tracks contained on the album.

Lindsay kicks off the video talking about “Waiting For You,” the first track on the album and the song that she chooses to represent her sound.

“It is the first song that started this whole project because when we originally started talking with Kristian Bush to produce my whole record, ‘Waiting on You ‘ was the song that all of us were like, ‘You know what, there’s something to this,'” Lindsay says in the video. “As an artist I came to town really trying to find what I wanted to sound like. I think it took me years of doing the wrong thing to finally find the right thing. ‘Waiting on You’ is the first song where I could honestly be like, ‘That’s me.’ If I was given three minutes with somebody whose never heard my name before, to really hear what’s going on in my heart and hear what I sound like, ‘Waiting on You’ would be it.”

Worth the Wait enlists the talents of producer Kristian Bush, who shared some advice with Nash Country Daily he had given to Lindsay while working on the project.

“I told her, ‘You have to believe in the music you’re making. Otherwise, no one will believe you when they look at you or listen to you.’ She has done a fantastic job at stepping up to the plate and making and singing and interpreting. It reminds me of a female John Mayer, if he was making his first record or his second record, or Sheryl Crow’s first record.”

Watch as Lindsay goes on to tell the stories behind “Criminal,” “Space,” “Standing Here,” “Worth The Wait” and “Stop This Train” from her debut EP, Worth The Wait.

Photo by Emma McIntyre / Broken Bow Records

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