Chase Bryant Turns Up the Heat in “Room to Breathe” Video

Chase Bryant Turns Up the Heat in “Room to Breathe” Video

It may be Chase Bryant’s first acting role, but the “Take It On Back” singer has us believing that he’s as suave and debonair as the character he plays in his new video for “Room to Breathe.”

In a James Bond-like role, Chase struts his stuff as a dashing playboy who seems to have a little bit of girl trouble on his hands. Looking dapper in a fitted white tuxedo jacket, Chase finds himself living the high life when he runs into a jealous ex-girlfriend. That’s when the action kicks in and the chase (no pun intended) begins.

chase-bryant-room-to-breathe-videoThe video, directed by Jeff Johnson, has everything a good James Bond movie requires—a pretty girl, a poker game, sexy car and, of course, martinis. No word on weather or not they were shaken or stirred.

A self-admitted James Bond junkie, Chase and Jeff co-wrote and created the concept after a late-night Bond movie marathon while out on tour.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with James Bond movies,” said Chase in a statement.  “I was on the bus one night watching Casino Royale and I thought, ‘How cool would it be to recreate the style of this movie and the attitude of James Bond into a music video?’ ‘Room To Breathe’ is a seductive sort of song about never wanting to leave a girl. I wanted to do something different and push the limits with this music video.”

Chase also got a little help from his friend, Lee Brice. Keep an eye out during the poker scenes for a cameo from the “I Don’t Dance” singer. If you blink, you’ll miss him.

Check out Chase’s “Room to Breathe” video.

Photos by Sean O’Hallaron/Broken Bow

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