Jake Owen Reveals Passion for Biking Before Wrecking His Bike

Jake Owen Reveals Passion for Biking Before Wrecking His Bike

When it comes to staying active, Jake Owen may be leading the country music pack. Between hitting the gym, golf course and water to ski and wake-surf, the singer recently revealed his new outdoor passion on America’s Morning Show.

“I’m super into biking right now,” Jake reveals. “I’m not biking because it’s fun, I’m biking to get some results out of it.”

And it’s working. Jake, looking trim, shared his cycling stories with AMS co-host Chuck Wicks, who is currently training for a triathlon this June in Hawaii.

elliptigo_11r_elliptical_bike“I have something you should check out called the ElliptiGO,” Jake says. “Keith Urban gave it to me. A couple of years ago, I was out on tour with Keith and he had one. It’s a nice 10-speed bike and instead of sitting on it, you stand and it’s like an elliptical, so it’s not hard on your knees. I was riding it yesterday and there were people that ride by and are like ‘What the hell is that guy riding?’”

Whatever you guys have to do to stay in shape is OK with us.

But apparently biking is a rough sport, as Jake found out yesterday (May 26). The singer tweeted, “Supposed to be headed towards Herrin, Ill. for show, instead headed for Emergency Room… I’ll make Herrin.. No worries. Show must go on.”

The show did go on because a few hours later he tweeted, “All good, and on the road to Herrin, IL… Some stitches and I’m back at it.. See y’all tonight. #iwreckedmybike”

Jake released his latest single, “American Country Love Song,” in March and is currently playing various dates on Kenny Chesney’s Spread the Love Tour.

You can catch America’s Morning Show weekdays from 6a.m.–10a.m. on your NASH FM stations.

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