Chris Young and Cassadee Pope Ask Each Other the “Surprising” Questions

Chris Young and Cassadee Pope Ask Each Other the “Surprising” Questions

“Think of You” duet partners Chris Young and Cassadee Pope have been sharing the stage a lot this year. From performing their hit tune at the ACM Awards to belting it out on a nightly basis during Chris’ I’m Coming Over Tour, there is no doubt the two stars have plenty of onstage chemistry. As the fast friends have gotten to know each other better over the course of the last several months, Nash Country Daily thought it would be fun for the tandem to interview each other during one of their last tour stops to see what surprising facts they could learn.

Chris: What’s your go-to way to kill time while traveling on the tour bus?
Cassadee: Me and my band and crew love hanging out together in the front lounge. Whether we’re watching a movie, listening to music or playing Cards Against Humanity, it’s always a good time. I also am pretty addicted to some TV shows, so if I want to be alone, I’ll go in my bunk and watch those. The Affair, Leftovers and House of Cards are just a few I’m obsessed with.

Cassadee: What’s yours?
Chris: If it’s not me and the band making fun of each other, it’s probably going through old movies. One of my favorite things to do is pull out a classic movie, something funny like Blues Brothers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail or The Ladies Man. 

Chris: How many text messages do you send a day? Who gets the most?
Cassadee: I probably send about 100 text messages a day. It’s a tossup between my mom and boyfriend of who gets the most texts. If I’m on the road, my tour manager gets a lot of them too. But those are mostly me asking if they’re ready for me for sound check.

Cassadee: What do you miss most from home when you’re on tour?
Chris: Being able to sleep in my own bed. I feel like I’m on my bus more than I’m actually at my house at this point. Other than that, having the chance to pick stuff up. I feel like I run in my house, drop stuff in the middle of the floor and then I leave.

Chris: How many tattoos do you have? What’s your next one going to be?
Cassadee: I have an arm piece that’s about a quarter-sleeve. I’m not sure how many tattoos it took to create it, but they all involve music. If I get another one, it’d definitely be the initials of my first solo No. 1 single.

Cassadee: What’s one surprising thing about you that even your biggest fans don’t know?
Chris: I’m really bad at math. Basic math is fine. When I was a kid I thought I could be a scientist and then I realized it was all based in super difficult math. That’s when I realized, ‘Nope, this is not for me.’”

Chris Young & Cassadee Pope, Cassadee Pope and Chris Young on the set of the music video for their duet “Think Of You”, ca. 2016 cr. David McClister/Monarch Publicity FREE
Chris and Cassadee on the set of the music video for “Think of You.” Photo by David McClister/Monarch Publicity

Chris: How do you stay in shape while on the road?
Cassadee: I try really hard to eat healthy on the road and visit a gym near the venue. Half the battle is getting to the gym. Once you’re there, you might as well get to work. I have a trainer who trains me through FaceTime, which is super helpful. I’m pretty motivated in every aspect of my life except for working out. I need someone to push me. There’s usually a ton of downtime on the road, too, so I take advantage of it by working out.

Cassadee: What is one bad habit of yours that you want to break?
Chris: I say ‘um’ in the middle of sentences entirely too much.

Chris: Besides me, what three artists have you been dying to do a duet with?
Cassadee: You’re obviously up there! But I’ve been dying to duet with Shania Twain, Sia and Bruno Mars.

Cassadee: What’s your biggest social-media addiction: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter?
Chris: I’d say I’m probably on Twitter more than anything else but Snapchat is growing on me.


Main photo by Kevin Winter/ACM 2016/Getty Images

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