American Idol 2016: Jeneve Rocks the Harp

American Idol 2016: Jeneve Rocks the Harp

The top 24 have been split up into two sets of 12 for the next couple of weeks. Last night (Feb. 10) the first set performed, and tonight (Feb. 11), five from this first set will be eliminated.

I know, pretty harsh, right?

Here are the 12 who performed last night with links to their individual performances on YouTube:

  1. Stephanie Negrete
  2. MacKenzie Bourg
  3. Jeneve Rose Mitchell
  4. Jenna Ranae
  5. Sonika Vaid
  6. Gianna Isabella
  7. Emily Brooke
  8. James VIII
  9. Avalon Young
  10. Jordan Sasser
  11. Thomas Stringfellow
  12. La’Porsha Renae 

Since we’re stuck here for two weeks, can I just say . . . this tacky stage setup they’re using reminds me of the Carnival Cruise karaoke bar I went to on several occasions last summer. Let me tell ya, that’s not a compliment—unless you’re about three Long Islands in.

It’s not doing any favors for the finalists.

So many of their song choices were already tired clichés. American Idol has been on for 15 years and—come on guys—we’re over songs like “All By Myself”, “I Put a Spell on You” and “Creep”. Let’s do some new stuff!

BTW: Super excited to hear Jenna Ranae cover Maren Morris’ “My Church”, but I think it’s still a little too new to try and top the original.

My Pick of the Night – Jeneve Rose Mitchell

Jeneve sang Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” while playing the harp—standing up. Apparently that’s not a thing, and is actually really hard to do.

There is something about the way she emotes. I get seriously caught up in whatever song she is singing, and really listen to the lyrics.


I think this is the first time in like 10 years I heard “Angel” and didn’t think of those sweet little abused puppies in an SPCA commercial, so I’d say that’s a pretty big win for Jeneve.

P.S. Girl, where was that hat tho?! I missed it.

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