Jana Kramer’s Big Day: New Baby and ACM Nod

Jana Kramer’s Big Day: New Baby and ACM Nod

Jana Kramer won’t top a day like Jan. 31 anytime soon. As the month came to a close, Jana gave birth to daughter Jolie Ray Caussin, as confirmed by her record label, and also learned that she had scored an Academy of Country Music award nomination.

Jana and husband Michael Caussin welcomed their new arrival around 4 p.m. CT on Jan. 31. Later, Jana found out that she had been nominated for the Academy of Country Music award for Female Vocalist of the Year.

On her big double surprise, Jana said, “I’m overwhelmed with joy after welcoming my beautiful baby girl into the world AND finding out I’ve been nominated for an ACM award.” And no doubt, her lucky number is sure to be 31 from this point forward. As fans know, 31 is the title of Jana’s latest album, referring to her age, while her daughter was born on Jan. 31.

NCW sends congratulations to Jana and her family on the birth of her daughter.

Jana Kramer courtesy Jana Kramer; Daughter Jolie courtesy Jana Kramer Instagram

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