American Idol 2016: Group Auditions! Jeneve Goosies and Lonely Mono Trent

American Idol 2016: Group Auditions! Jeneve Goosies and Lonely Mono Trent

Group week—here we go! If you read my Wednesday (Jan. 27) recap, you know I was ready for some craziness.

I prefer to keep drama out of my actual life and just leave it to the TV. So, I was selfishly bummed that there wasn’t much drama on this final round of group performances. It was 40 minutes before we even saw a little tension. I guess that’s sweet though . . . whatever.

Anyway, my country pick of the night: Jeneve Mitchell. Even though she didn’t get much screen time, the tiny clip that did get played really popped for me. Mostly because everyone has been loving her . . . except yours truly. But last night, her emotional performance of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You now” straight up gave me chills . . . or “goosies” as JLo would say.

And can we just talk for a quick sec about that poor little mono boy—he actually did have mono—Trent Harmon?! This guy couldn’t even be a part of a group because he was crazy contagious. So, for the first time ever, they allowed a “Single Person Group Performance”—which isn’t actually a thing. Pretty sure that’s called a solo.


Either way, I don’t know if it was the double jack and coke I was drinking or just great comedic editing but I laughed out loud at that “All By Myself” montage.

Glad he made it through though. I’m not ready to say goodbye to that stage scarf look he’s been rocking!

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