Charles Kelley Comes Clean About Going Solo

Charles Kelley Comes Clean About Going Solo

Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley cleared up some questions about his new solo career on Vevo’s Ask:Reply series, coming clean when fans pressed him to explain the move.

Asked how long he had wanted to record a solo album, Charles said that was actually his original plan, long before the band got together.

“I felt like it was a good time to try something new and to do it before I got so far into it that I’d never try,” he said.

Asked about his biggest fear, Charles said stepping away from the band has been pretty scary, especially since some people are convinced the group has broken up.

“My biggest fear was letting the fans know I wasn’t leaving Lady Antebellum,” he explained. “We’re as healthy as we’ve ever been, i just think after nine years it was time to kind of get my juices flowing again, take myself out of my comfort zone. . . . There’s a bit of a chase to it that’s exciting and fresh and new for me.”

And asked whether or not he’d sing any Lady A songs on his upcoming solo tour, the tall Georgian said “of course,” but with some exceptions.

“I’ll definitely sing a lot of the ones I sing lead on (with the band) like ‘Love Don’t Live Here’ and ‘Goodbye Town,’” he said. “But I want to try to be respectful to what Lady Antebellum is and kind of keep it as much of it’s own entity (as possible). I’ll definitley do a couple of songs, for sure. I want to try to be as spontaneous as we can.”

Lady Antebellum is on hiatus, but still making appearances. In November, the trio headlined a special concert in Nashville to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals.

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