Garth Brooks Sells 20,000 Vinyl Boxed Sets in 18 Hours

Garth Brooks Sells 20,000 Vinyl Boxed Sets in 18 Hours

Garth Brooks sold 20,000 units of his upcoming vinyl boxed set, The Legacy Collection, on Feb. 28.

The boxed set will feature five albums—No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses and Triple Live—available in three different packages: Analog, Remix-Remaster and Limited. Each package includes seven vinyl records.

For 18 hours on Feb. 28, fans were able to purchase all three packages—21 vinyl records—for $100, with a personalized six-digit issue number. Garth moved 420,000 vinyl records in total.

The collection was initially slated to go on sale on Feb. 26, but the website crashed and Garth re-scheduled the sale for Feb. 28. Once the re-sale began, the limited quantity was sold in 12 hours, but the demand exceeded the allotted amount of inventory, so Garth kept the site open six more hours for those who initially had trouble.

“I have friends I would describe as the most patient, loving people on the planet who were pissed,” Garth said. “It was a frustrating evening to say the least, but thankfully, everyone of them ended up getting the numbers they wanted.”

The next opportunity to purchase the boxed set will come in two to four weeks. More details will be announced soon. The Legacy Collection ships on Nov. 1.

photo by Nash Country Daily

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