Watch Blake Shelton Turn It Up in Acoustic Video for “Turnin’ Me On”

Watch Blake Shelton Turn It Up in Acoustic Video for “Turnin’ Me On”

Blake Shelton turned up the heat at the iconic Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles to record a new acoustic video for his current single, “Turnin’ Me On.” Henson Recording Studios was originally founded by Charlie Chaplin in 1917 and has played host to a number of artists, including John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, U2 and many more.

“Turin’ Me On” is the third single from Blake’s 2017 album, Texoma Shore, following No. 1 hits “I’ll Name the Dogs” and “I Lived It.” “Turnin’ Me On” is currently No. 19 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart after 11 weeks.

Blake penned the tune with Josh Osborne and Jessie Alexander, who provides vocals during the clip.

“We’re sitting on my bus one day early in 2017 and I think I was in Baton Rouge,” said Blake. “I was up there alone and I had my guitar, started playing a little melody that I was hearing in my head and next thing you know I started writing a song. I wrote a verse, then I wrote a chorus, then I realized it was going somewhere and I felt good about it. Like I always [have] in the last couple of years, I called up my friend Jessi Alexander and said, ‘Man, I think I’m onto something and I need somebody way better than me to try to bring this thing home.’ She and I and Josh Osborne ended up writing this song, I’m super proud of it—and it’s not hard to figure out who this song is about.”

Blake, of course, is referencing his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. In the new tune, Blake croons “And when my body’s beside hers / There ain’t no turning back / She’s Revlon red in the blackest night / Lighting up the room in the world just like she’s turnin’ me on.

Gwen has been a longtime spokesperson for Revlon cosmetics.

Watch Blake’s new video below.

photo by Jason Simanek

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