New Albums: Sept. 15

New Albums: Sept. 15

New albums dropping on Friday, Sept. 15 include Big & Rich’s Did It For the Party and Radney Foster’s For You To See the Stars. 

Big & Rich – Did It For the Party

  1. “California”
  2. “Did It for the Party”
  3. “Congratulations (You’re a Rockstar)”
  4. “Turns Me On”
  5. “Wake Up Wanting You”
  6. “Smoke in Her Eyes”
  7. “No Sleep”
  8. “We Came to Rawk”
  9. “Funk in the Country”
  10. “The Long Way Home”
  11. “Freedom Road
  12. “My Son”
  13. “Lie Cheat Or Steal”

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Radney Foster – For You To See the Stars

  1. For You To See the Stars
  2. Greatest Show On Earth
  3. It Ain’t Done With Me
  4. Raining On Sunday
  5. Belmont and 6th
  6. Rock and Roll Slow Dance
  7. While You Were Making Time
  8. All That I Require
  9. Howlin’
  10. Sycamore Creek
  11. Sycamore Creek (Instrumental Reprise)

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