New Albums

New Albums

New albums dropping on Friday, Sept. 8 include Dustin Lynch’s Current Mood, Kip Moore’s Slowheart, Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes and Toby Keith’s The Bus Songs.

Dustin Lynch – Current Mood

  1. “I’d Be Jealous Too” (Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
  2. “Seein’ Red” (Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, Jason Sever)
  3. “Small Town Boy” (Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Kyle Fishman)
  4. “Why We Call Each Other” (Dustin Lynch, Lee Miller, Ross Copperman)
  5. “Here We Come” (Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell, Jon Nite)
  6. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” (Dustin Christensen, Chris Gelbuda)
  7. “Back On It” (Brent Anderson, Will Weatherly, Smith Ahnquist)
  8. “I Wish You Were Beer” (Jon Nite, Josh Osborne, Justin Ebach
  9. “State Lines” (Dustin Lynch, Kyle Fishman, Andy Albert)
  10. “Party Song” (Brett Tyler, Craig Wiseman, Morgan Wallen)
  11. “New Girl” (Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley)
  12. “Why Not Tonight” (Dustin Lynch, Jimmy Robbins, Jon Nite)
  13. “Sun Don’t Go Down On That” (Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)

Kip Moore  – Slowheart

  1. “Plead the Fifth” (Luke Dick, Josh Kear)
  2. “Just Another Girl” (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Ben Helson)
  3. “I’ve Been Around” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch)
  4. “Fast Women” (Kip Moore, Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Troy Verges)
  5. “Bittersweet Company” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
  6. “Sunburn” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller, Steven Olsen)
  7. “More Girls Like You” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
  8. “The Bull” (Jon Randall, Luke Dick)
  9. “Blonde” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
  10. “Good Thing” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
  11. “Last Shot” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, David Lee Murphy)
  12. “Try Again” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
  13. “Guitar Man” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Westin Davis)

Thomas Rhett – Life Changes

  1.  “Craving You” feat. Maren Morris (Dave Barnes, Julian Bunetta)
  2.  “Unforgettable” (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally)
  3.  “Sixteen” (Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur)
  4.  “Drink a Little Beer” feat. Rhett Akins (Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ben Hayslip)
  5.  “Marry Me” (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally)
  6.  “Leave Right Now” (Thomas Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Edward Drewett, John Henry Ryan)
  7.  “Smooth Like the Summer” (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
  8.  “Life Changes” (Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley)
  9. “When You Look Like That” (Jessi Alexander, Matt Dragstrem, David Lee Murphy)
  10.  “Sweetheart” (Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur)
  11.  “Kiss Me Like a Stranger” (Thomas Rhett, David Barnes, Jordan Reynolds)
  12.  “Renegades” (Thomas Rhett, Julian Bunetta, John Henry Ryan)
  13.  “Gateway Love” (Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Sam Ellis, Emily Weisband)
  14. “Grave” (Chris DeStefano, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Miller)

Toby Keith – The Bus Songs

  1. “S–tty Golfer”
  2. “Wacky Tobaccy”
  3. “Runnin’ Block”
  4. “Brand New Bow”
  5. “Call a Marine”
  6. “Hell No”
  7. “The Critic”
  8. “The Size I Wear”
  9. “Ballad of Balad”
  10. “Rum Is the Reason”
  11. “Weed With Willie (Live)”
  12. “Get Out of My Car (Live)”

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