New Albums

New Albums

New albums released this week include Joe Nichols’ Never Gets Old, Lucas Hoge’s Dirty South, Eric Paslay’s The Work Tapes (EP) and Margo Price’s Weakness (EP).

Never Gets Old – Joe Nichols

  1. “Diamonds Make Babies”
  2. “Girl in the Song”
  3. “We All Carry Something”
  4. “I’d Sing About You”
  5. “Breathless”
  6. “Tall Boys”
  7. “Hostage”
  8. “Never Gets Old”
  9. “Billy Graham’s Bible”
  10. “So You’re Saying”
  11. “This Side of the River”
  12. “Baby Got Back” featuring Darren Knight

The Work Tapes – Eric Paslay

  1. “Less Than Whole”
  2. “Amarillo Rain”
  3. “Back Home To You”
  4. “Come Back To This Town”
  5. “Let Go”

Dirty South – Lucas Hoge

  1. “Shoo Fly Pie”
  2. “Boom Boom”
  3. “Power of Garth”
  4. “Mad Dog Memories”
  5. “To Go with the Whiskey”
  6. “Halabamalujah”
  7. “Flip Flops”
  8. “Dirty South”
  9. “That Ain’t Cool”
  10. “Who’s Gonna Be There (In Memory of Michael Berry)” bonus track

Weakness – Margo Price

  1. “Weakness”
  2. “Just Like Love”
  3. “Paper Cowboy”
  4. “Good Luck (For Ben Eyestone)”

Daily Dose

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up

Congrats to Robert Earl Keen, who was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. REK joins Willie Nelson, George Strait, Lyle Lovett & more in the Lone Star State institution.