New Albums: Rhonda & Daryle & Charley

New Albums: Rhonda & Daryle & Charley

Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary will release their new duets album, American Grandstand and Charley Pride will release his new album, Music In My Heart, on July 7. 

American Grandstand – Rhonda Vincent & Daryle Singletary

  1. “Above and Beyond”
  2. “One”
  3. “After the Fire Is Gone”
  4. “American Grandstand”
  5. “Slowly But Surely”
  6. “As We Kiss Our World Goodbye”
  7. “Can’t Live Life”
  8. “Golden Ring”
  9. “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds”
  10. “Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man”
  11. “A Picture of Me Without You”
  12. “Up This Hill and Down”

Music In My Heart – Charley Pride

  1. “New Patches”
  2. “Make Me One More Memory”
  3. “Natural Feeling For You”
  4. “All By My Lonesome”
  5. “It Wasn’t That Funny”
  6. “The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy”
  7. “I Learned a Lot”
  8. “You’re Still In These Crazy Arms of Mine”
  9. “The Way It Was in ’51”
  10. “I Just Can’t Stop Missing You”
  11. “You Lied To Me”
  12. “Standing In My Way”
  13. “Music In My Heart”

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