Exclusive Video Premiere: Barefoot Movement “Anywhere I Plant My Feet”

Exclusive Video Premiere: Barefoot Movement “Anywhere I Plant My Feet”

Barefoot_Movement_Album_CoverThere is a movement afoot and it’s coming from the members of the ultra-talented bluegrass group The Barefoot Movement—Noah Walls, Tommy Norris and Alex Conerly—who released their third studio album, Live in L.A., in May.

The Barefoot Movement, who derive their name from their shoeless performances, are exclusively premiering their brand new video for “Anywhere I Plant My Feet,” which was recorded live at the Renaissance Center in Kingsport, Tenn., right here with Nash Country Daily.

“Our new album, Live In L.A., is made up of one unedited performance and so we want for people to feel like they are or were there in the audience,” says Noah, the group’s fiddle player. “We feel the same way about the video for “Anywhere I Plant My Feet.” The taping was very simple. We played the song through a few times and picked our favorite take.”

“I love playing this song,” adds band member Alex Conerly. “It’s always pertinent to our everyday lives as we tour and adapt to each new scene. You have to adapt and learn to find a home anywhere you pant your feet.”

Check out the exclusive—and shoeless—video premiere of “Anywhere I Plant My Feet.”

photo by Catherine Truman

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