Behind the Scenes of the Making of Keith Urban’s “Wasted Time” Music Video

Behind the Scenes of the Making of Keith Urban’s “Wasted Time” Music Video

Leave it to Keith Urban to celebrate the warm weather months with what is sure to be a summer smash, “Wasted Time.” When coming up with ideas for the video of his latest single about fun summer nights, running backroads and feeling alive, Keith enlisted the help of director John Urbano to bring the song to life.

“I find videos inherently tricky,” says Keith. “Because you either honor all the lyric and you’re so literal with every lyric or you don’t represent any of that and you try to find the balance between the two.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.22.06 PMImages of swimsuit clad young people jumping in the lake, fast cars and country roads honor the lyric and culminate with a dance party around a bonfire as Keith wails away on his guitar. “One of the things we wanted to do was shoot a piece of footage with a fire and everybody dancing an all that sort of stuff and then you [John] had told me that they’re not allowed to light fires in Mailbu Creek State Park,” Keith explains as he’s talking with director, John Urbano.

“So we had to get pyrotechnic guys to come out and create this…it’s a real fire but it’s under a really controlled environment with all these fake logs and stuff,” Keith laughs.

Watch as Keith and John take us behind the scenes of Keith’s latest video for “Wasted Time.”

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