American Idol 2016: Trent Harmon’s “Chandelier” Shines Bright

American Idol 2016: Trent Harmon’s “Chandelier” Shines Bright

Nostalgia Be Givin’ Us All the Feels

Ahhh!! This farewell season is going by too fast!! I feel like we’re experiencing the end of a real relationship. You know?

American Idol is like that boyfriend you’re totally over, but when the end actually starts coming, you get all nostalgic and remember the good times. Like when he brought you flowers, or in this case: Kelly Clarkson, your first Idol vote, Simon Cowell, the judges bonding.

But then you remember those cheesy Ford commercials, William Hung, Sanjaya . . . and you’re like “Nah, I’m cool”.

Out with a Bang

Tonight’s episode with Sia was EVERYTHING. I loved it. I really think each of the contestants are strong in their own way. I feel like all of them are getting into the songs, rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of their voice, which is awesome.

Trent Harmon “Chandelier”

My favorite performance of the night goes to Trent Harmon.


I think his version of Sia’s “Chandelier” was another one of those “Idol Moments.” You guys, I think I might be Team Trent for the win now! He’s made SO many improvements in a short amount of time.

He’s taking this seriously—like a job—and I respect that. Long gone are the mono boy days!

The Final Top 4

  • Dalton Rapattoni
  • Trent Harmon
  • La’Porsha Renae
  • MacKenzie Bourg

OK, now it’s time to go catch a midnight showing of Batman v Superman! BYEEEEE

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