American Idol 2016: Audience Votes for Tristan, JLo and I Vote for Trent

American Idol 2016: Audience Votes for Tristan, JLo and I Vote for Trent

Are the cuts this year more brutal than last, or is it just me?

Two more had to go home this week to form the Top 8. Luckily, country is still represented!

The Audience Loves Tristan McIntosh

Tristan McIntosh made it through based on audience votes, so she didn’t even have to compete in the bottom three. She sang “Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill.

I loved that Keith took the opportunity to plug his label mate Vince’s new album, Down To My Last Bad Habit!

My pick of the week: Trent Harmon

He’ll forever be known as “Mono Boy” to me, but MAN, can he sing!

I found it ironic that he performed “When a Man Loves A Woman” because for the first time on the show he was rocking the clean shaven baby face. He looked like such a boy, but was singing about being a man!


I really felt like he had his “Idol Moment” tonight with that high note! It reminded me of the moment everyone fell for Kelly Clarkson when she hit that same note during “Natural Woman.”

Jennifer Lopez: If You Had My Love

And let’s just take a moment to sympathize with the Idols who are NOT Trent or La’Porsha.


As she gushed over Trent’s performance, JLo confessed, “I literally had a vision of you and La’Porsha at the end.” At which point the camera panned over to the other contestants, who were all trying to put on their best “oh, that’s totally cool . . . doesn’t bother me at all” faces. Bless their hearts. Sheesh.

P.S. Just when I thought my DVR and I had a great relationship, it went and recorded Grey’s Anatomy instead of American Idol Thursday night. I missed TWO performances. It’s like it doesn’t even know me! I haven’t watched Grey’s since that plane crash (how can all of that happen at ONE hospital?!) Thank goodness for the my DVR app. Send me a message on Twitter if the first two Idol performances were better than Trent’s “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

And then there were 8: The Top 8

  • Dalton Rapattoni
  • Trent Harmon
  • La’Porsha Ranae
  • Mackenzie Bourg
  • Sonika Vaid
  • Lee Jean
  • Avalon Young
  • Tristan McIntosh

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