American Idol 2016: Dalton and Daughtry Pop, Pickler Partners Plop

American Idol 2016: Dalton and Daughtry Pop, Pickler Partners Plop

I’m sorry, WHAT?! Did Kellie Pickler just say it’s been a full DECADE since she was on Idol?! Excuse me while I go cry in a corner and realize that my 10-year high school reunion is about to happen.

Ok. I’m back . . . and at peace.

The former Idols returned yet again, but a new batch! And—don’t tell last week’s returning Idols I said this—a better batch. SHHH!!

Watch All of the Special Duets

Chris Daughtry
Season 5, 4th

  1. Dalton Rappattoni
  2. Lee Jean

Kellie Pickler
Season 5, 6th

  1. Tristan McIntosh
  2. Amelia Eisenhauer

Haley Reinhart
Season 10, 3rd

  1. Kory Wheeler
  2. Adam Lasher

David Cook
Season 7 Winner

  1. Olivia Rox
  2. CJ Johnson

Jordin Sparks
Season 6 Winner

  1. Manny Torres
  2. Trent Harmon

Constantine Maroulis
Season 4, 6th

  1. Shelby Z.
  2. Jenn Blosil

Nashville Artist Performances

I know this will probably get me some audience “boos” like the judges have been experiencing lately, but I only speak my truth: The country performances were AWFUL.

Now, I love me some Kellie Pickler—and she brought it—but her duet partners Tristan McIntosh and Amelia Eisenhauer just didn’t. Step it up y’all!

Well . . . step it up Tristan. Unfortunately, Amelia didn’t make it through.

My Pick of the Night: Dalton & Daughtry

Dalton Rappattoni and Chris Daughtry sang Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”.

You guys, I was legitimately excited about this performance. It seemed like an actual show, instead of just a former Idol and a really good karaoke singer.

I mean—for real—let’s get a Dalton/Daughtry 2017 tour going. So far, my dog Zoey and I are on board. So . . . yeah . . . pretty big deal.

Eliminated on Feb. 18

  1. Shelbie Z
  2. CJ Johnson
  3. Amelia Eisenhauer
  4. Kory Wheeler
  5. Adam Lasher

Still In the Game

  1. Manny Torres
  2. Jenn Blosil
  3. Trent Harmon
  4. Lee Jean
  5. Tristan McIntosh
  6. Dalton Rapattoni
  7. Olivia Rox
  1. MacKenzie Bourg
  2. Gianna Isabella
  3. La’Porsha Ranae
  4. Sonika Vaid
  5. Avalon Young
  6. Thomas Stringfellow
  7. Jeneve Rose Mitchell

I’ll leave you with this GIF of Ryan Seacrest awkwardly trying to avoid singing by attempting to dance . . . #Smooth 😉


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