American Idol 2016: Top 24 Selected, Winner Predictions

American Idol 2016: Top 24 Selected, Winner Predictions

Well, that was excruciating. Two hours of judges doing fake outs before they told the contestants they actually are a part of the top 24.

“It’s so hard making cuts. You’re so talented, but so is everyone else, and unfortunately we have no choice . . . but to send people home . . . and today . . . we’re so sorry . . . but that’s not gonna be you, because you’re part of the top 24!”

That is one thing I will NOT miss about the show. OK, off my soapbox, and down to business!

Top 24 Contestants

  1. Stephanie Negrete
  2. Shelby Z
  3. Mackenzie Bourg
  4. Trent Harmon
  5. Jenna Ranae
  6. James VIII
  7. Kory Wheeler
  8. Adam Lasher
  9. Jeneve Rose Mitchell
  10. C.J. Johnson
  11. Amelia Eisenhauer
  12. Lee Jean
  13. Avalon Young
  14. Dalton Rapatonni
  15. Manny Torres
  16. Thomas Stringfellow
  17. Sonika Vaid
  18. Olivia Rox
  19. Emily Brooke
  20. Gianna Isabella
  21. Jenn Blosil
  22. Tristan McIntosh
  23. Jordan Sasser
  24. La’Porsha Ranae

In honor of the top 24, I thought I’d do something a bit different. My choice for the country star that will go the furthest, and my choice for who will win. Let’s be real . . . it’s mostly so I can have bragging rights in May if I’m right. If I’m wrong, no one’s going to look this up anyway, so it’s a win/win for me 😉

My Country Music Pick: Tristan McIntosh

She will be the country artist to go furthest in the competition. To be honest, I haven’t been a fan of her personality the past couple nights, but I’m going to chalk that up to Hollywood week and editing. Her age started to show, but not in her voice. Girl is a powerhouse. Country music would be proud to have her as a representative.

My Overall Winner Pick: Mackenzie Bourg 

This is the guy that sang an original song “Roses” during solo round. Seriously, I wanted to go to iTunes and buy it. Keith Urban was practically salivating over it—heck, maybe we’ll hear Keith’s recording of “Roses” soon.


Last night his performance of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” was unreal. And he’s got that aDORKable, artsy, sentimental hipster thing going on that teens (aka: Idol voters) eat up.

There ya have it. Hollywood Week—that’s a wrap! Next week: 12 perform and 5 get cut! 

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