Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: Country’s Leading Lovebirds

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: Country’s Leading Lovebirds

Originally published in the October 05, 1999 issue of Country Weekly magazine.

No wonder they called it the “Spontaneous Combustion” tour.

By the time the dust had settled from the wildly successful 1996-1997 outing, headliner Tim McGraw and his opening act, Faith Hill, were husband and wife, and the explosion of their love resulted in a storybook country music romance that seems to be growing stronger by the second.

And while we applaud the continuing successful careers of Faith and Tim — which also are growing with every tick of the clock — there’s something about them that appeals to us beyond the scope of their talent, or even the sum of their union.

Face it. We all want the perfect partner. We all want our own little house with the white picket fence. We all want personal fulfilment and contentment. But life’s circumstances don’t always allow us to fulfill our dreams. Maybe we’re not in a financial position to buy the house. Maybe the relationships we entered with the best intent aren’t fulfilling our needs.

On the eve of their third anniversary, Tim and Faith only seem more devoted to — and passionate about — each other. They’re the model of a wonderful marriage, a shining example of what can be achieved when two people are working toward the same goal. And amazingly, they’ve achieved a balance that has shattered the myth that you can’t have it all.

“That’s what’s amazing — you’re not supposed to have both a marriage and a career in this business,” Tim explains. “I always thought you couldn’t have both. I always thought that one was going to suffer because of the other.

“But we feel like we’re a good team with everything we do. We both play off each other and respect each other’s opinions completely.”

“When we first got together, we talked about all of that — making sure that we were on the same page before we got too involved,” adds Faith. “I wanted a big family, he wanted a big family.

“You can have everything in the world, but to have that family, to have that foundation, there’s just nothing like it. You have to work for that. It’s hard to find it.  And it’s hard to keep it.”

Faith’s right: It is rare. Especially in the world of show business, where life is transient and temporary, people always want a piece of you, and commitment tends to wander. Especially in an era when, despite the best intentions, divorce is a reality that splits apart fully half of the couples that love initially brings together.

The bond of Tim and Faith stands as a golden model of the relationship we can all hope to attain: a stable family environment where love is allowed to grow, and children are nurtured to face a new generation.

As two earthy, grounded people, they give us incentive for a better life, and a hopeful future.

As Tim sings — as if to Faith — “It’s Your Love.” And as Faith might add, “The Secret of Life” is in finding the right person, loving them completely and standing by them every step of the way.

With these two picture-perfect songbirds, country music never looked so good, sounded so settled or touched us so sweetly.

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